Our guide to careers advice
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Our guide to careers advice

First published date July 07 2016 Amended date July 07 2016

What’s your dream job? It’s a question that can leave people scratching their heads given just how many jobs and industries are out there. Choosing what you want to do for the rest of your life is a decision that takes great consideration and sometimes you may find that you need to talk through your options. That’s where you could come in as a career advisor. Taking a course in careers advice means you will be able to provide information to people who are looking for guidance when it comes to their education, training and careers.

Character Traits

There are a number of characteristics that make a great career advisor, but the one thing that remains at the core of their work is their desire to help people. It’s important to have a real interest in making sure people realise their potential. Once on a careers advice course you will find that it is necessary to approach your work with a flexible mindset and remain adaptable. Advisors are expected to impart information about the job market, identify appropriate training courses and even research careers, which tie in with people’s requirements. However the most important aspect of being a careers advisor – and the one thing you will learn on your course - is listening to exactly what people want. Being able to understand, support and build a positive rapport is extremely important and will go a long way in helping someone identify where their talents lie within the working world.

More than just giving advice

It may seem like career advisors churn out advice day in, day out, but that’s not actually the case. You’ll be expected to be knowledgeable within this field and demonstrate this by writing career literature that is aimed at helping people. In addition to this you may also take the reins at organising career fairs and conventions, which are great opportunities for people to meet potential employers and establish connections with them. You will touch upon these elements within your careers advice course. You’ll learn that it’s necessary to stay up to date with labour market information, legislation and developments by visiting employers and training providers. So you’re not completely stuck at a desk from 9 – 5pm.

Get a foot in…

Experience in an advisory role will stand you in good stead. Whether you have a degree in a sociological related topic or a foundation degree relating to working with young people, there are opportunities to forge a career as an advisor by taking a related course. You could be working anywhere from colleges, community centres, job centres, libraries and housing associations. Employers will be keen for candidates who wish to work towards the Qualification in Careers Guidance. Passion is the key to getting ahead in this role and if you can show dedication to this area of work then you will be putting yourself at an advantage with employers.   


We have a number of career related courses that can get you started and on your way to helping the next generation realise their potential.