Our guide to basic communication skills
Justine Fedorowycz

Our guide to basic communication skills

First published date August 07 2015 Amended date August 07 2015

If your job involves liaising with a vast quantity of colleagues or clients but you find communicating, articulating or verbalising yourself a challenge, then why not learn about communication skills? Equally, if you find it difficult to express yourself in everyday situations and are tired of racking your brains in the hope that the right words will roll off your tongue, then you’ll also benefit from learning communication skills.

By signing up to a course you’ll learn effective methods on how to make a positive verbal and physical impact on others as well as learning how to approach and converse with conflicting personalities, identifying what behaviour is appropriate or inappropriate in certain instances and you’ll enhance your listening skills in the process.

With any luck, you should find your tongue free of knots and will hopefully have acquired the ability to speak with confidence and clarity, engage in conversations with a whole host of personalities and characters and in turn, enhance your personal potential both in your working and personal life. You’ll improve relationships with your colleagues, clients, friends and family which will undoubtedly enhance your own self confidence.


Finding your feet

If you want to learn communication skills, the chances are you’re prone to feeling uncomfortable when conversing with others. If this is the case, it’s only natural that you might feel awkward to begin with when practicing speaking with others. Just remember, that only means that there is room for improvement and that’s the whole point of you being there!

Attend the course as yourself and keep your expectations realistic. Only you know your capabilities and limits, so don’t feel as though you need to exceed all obstacles after one session – the more you learn about communication skills, the more your confidence will grow. You wouldn’t rush a conversation with an important client, so don’t rush yourself.


Put some practise in beforehand

There are lots of handy downloadable brochures on how you can learn about communication skills. These are useful and give you the opportunity to prepare yourself for the more practical approaches to enhancing your communication skills on your course.

When you learn communication skills, your training is likely to consist of lectures or seminars so as long as you bring a pen and some paper with you to make notes, you shouldn’t need anything else – much of the course will focus on practical learning. You can also expect to be given handouts throughout the duration of your training.


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