Zoology Executive Diploma

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Zoology Executive Diploma:

This course in the field of zoology is a field many dream about from childhood. Students who enrol into the zoology / zoo keeper course will complete the following units of study: animal breeding, animal diseases and diagnoses, vertebrate zoology, animal behaviour and psychology, animal health care and zoo keeping.

Career Prospects: Zoo Keeper positions are relatively few and when positions become vacant it is competitive. Training will help assist in setting them apart from other applicants. Aside from employment within Zoo's work can also be sought as a VET assistant or staff member at animal impound centres, animal protection agencies (e.g. RSPCA), animal hospitals, wild life officer (ranger) and animal day care business's. The duties of a Zoo Keeper include the care and maintenance of captive animals and their enclosures and the preparation of food. Zoo Keepers are also generally required to maintain detailed animal records, make detailed observations of their charges and assist in the capture and restraint of animals. Specialist Zoo Keepers may focus upon the care and management of native or exotic mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, fish, animal training, vet hospital or other specialised areas of animal management. The maximum time given to complete a program is three years. This course is recognised and accredited by the International Association of Private Career Colleges (IAPCC).

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