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Zen Gardening Certificate: Ensure files are accurate and up-to-date to avoid scrutiny; take a look at some of the preferred learning styles and learning opportunities, and understand how to plan and evaluate a learning programme; learn how to set up a CPD file, and be able to help others setting up their own; get to grips with some of the core skills required to lead others during their own professional development; appreciate the need for continual improvement and development, in order for a practice to be most effective. Understand the need for training and skill development, and understand that practitioners who value personal development will have more opportunities to enhance their professional growth; understand the importance of partnership with parents and learn about some of the ways in which practitioners can engage with parents and caregivers, while also demonstrating your commitment as an early years education provider; take a look at some of the ways in which home can be brought into the childcare setting, and vice versa; identify some of the reasons why people complain, and look at the legal requirements that mean childcare providers must respond to every parental concern or complaint, as well as investigate and record them.

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