Writing for the web - online writing and editing

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Writing for the web - online writing and editing:

There are some key differences in writing for the web and writing for print. This session prompts delegates to adapt their style to the media and to learn more about the latest theory behind good web writing.


Web vs print: the differences

  • How people 'read' online content
  • The 'skim' factor versus 'depth reading' - how reading online has evolved
  • Is shorter always better?
  • The importance of links and related content
  • Keeping it current

Doing it: Delegates will analyse websites, to see what works and what doesn't work

Pulling readers to the pages

  • How headlines work on the web
  • Writing summaries that sell
  • When to use the passive voice and when to stick to the active voice
  • Using key words to pull in readers

Writing news online

  • How is it different from print?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • Using the news pyramid
  • Evolving the news pyramid to a new digital era
  • The journey of the news story
  • Unfolding the news story - how much; how often?
  • Skimming and drilling
  • Thinking about images
  • Linking and related stories

Doing it: Delegates write heads and summaries for copy

What if it's not news

  • Adapting features content for the web
  • Formats that work
  • Breaking up copy
  • One page or many
  • Where your readers arrive
  • Using bullets and bold to grab the reader
  • Pictures, text or a mix?
  • Getting the style right
  • Using content to encourage interaction and feedback

Doing it: Delegates will adapt feature content for the web

Editing on the web

  • Planning a new feature for web and print
  • Asking the key questions
  • Making the most of the medium - different types of written, visual and audio content
  • Does it work for the reader and the brand?
  • Are key words high in heads and summaries?
  • Does the structure work?
  • Is it too long?
  • Encouraging interaction with your audience

Doing it: Delegates split into groups to plan a feature for web and print

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