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Women in Leadership: In this course, you will learn how organizations can develop women leaders, about the benefits of women in organizations, as well as advancements for the future of women. Gain an insight into how women are changing the workforce, opening a new perspective on the workforce, and what benefits can come from hiring and promoting women to higher positions. In this course, you will learn about: Women and the workforce; The Leadership Gap; Barriers to women’s leadership; Traits of women’s management; Benefits of women’s leadership; Nurture women’s leadership; Actively recruit women; How to encourage networking opportunities; Pairing women with mentors; How to create educational opportunities. Advantages of this Course: Empower yourself as a woman by learning how to become a leader in the workplace; Educate yourself on how women are changing the workforce; Implement your knowledge as soon as you finish the course; Have a positive influence on your organisation; Transferable skills that can be taken into any organisation in any industry.

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