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Wedding Photography: Learn more about what makes a good wedding photographer, and pick up some invaluable skills and expertise, by signing up to this comprehensive online course, comprising video tutorials and exclusive content. This course would be perfect for anyone wishing to venture into wedding photography as a career. It would be particularly useful for hobby photographers who have already mastered the basics and would like to hone their skills towards wedding photography specifically. Introduce yourself to the course by learning more about what it takes to be a wedding photographer, what the course will entail and what you can do to guarantee success. Gain valuable insight into how to set up a wedding photography business, from building a camera kit that suits your needs and launching a website, to pricing, gaining clients and the importance of contracts. Learn more about what is required of a wedding photographer on the wedding day, including the key moments that would need to be photographed. Identify the considerations that need to be made with regards to day vs. night and indoor vs. outdoor weddings. Understand the need for a second shooter, and when they should be drafted in. Learn how to find a second shooter who will be as professional as you are. Learn how photography on the big day should be scheduled, including first looks, family and couple shots. Get to grips with how to shoot specific parts of the wedding day, including pre-ceremony details, bride and groom preparation, ceremony coverage, posed shots and reception coverage. Learn more about the post-production workflow and how it complements the photo editing process. Touch on the features of the common editing programs, including Lightroom and Photoshop. Recognise some of the factors that need to be considered when taking your business to the next level, including building out your portfolio, getting testimonials, using social media to expand, working with other wedding suppliers in a mutually beneficial way and dealing with saturated markets. Make use of live sessions and downloadable guides, to help you master the techniques and tips covered in each module.

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