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Voice over IP:

This online course provides a detailed treatment of the principles and operation of telephony services that operate over Internet Protocol (IP) networks - Voice over IP (VoIP).

This course is suitable for those responsible for the maintenance of IP-based networks that provide telephony services

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • explain the advantages of a Voice over IP (VoIP) service.
  • describe the basic principles of carrying voice samples in IP packets.
  • describe the effects of network impairments such as delay and jitter on a VoIP service and describe the techniques that reduce transmission delays.
  • describe voice encoding and processing techniques inc. echo cancellation, compression and silence suppression.
  • describe the characteristics of various encoder types.
  • explain the factors that determine the bandwidth requirements of a VoIP service.
  • describe the role of the signalling protocols SIP and H.323 and the functions of call servers and gateways.
  • explain the significance of VoIP service parameters inc grade of service, availability and post-dial delay.
  • describe the role and the relationship between the DiffServ, RSVP and MPLS protocols in providing an improved quality of service for VoIP calls.
  • describe the components, protocols and operation of signalling systems using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).
  • describe the role of the Session Description Protocol (SDP).
  • describe the components, protocols and operation of signalling systems conforming to the ITU H.323 family of recommendations.
  • explain how public telephony services can be provided using VoIP.
  • describe the provision of VoIP telephony and video conferencing for businesses and explain some of the barriers to VoIP provision.

This online course includes assessments, the results of which are summarised in a certificate published at course completion.

Additional entry requirements

An understanding of the operation and use of the Internet protocols. It is recommended that the PTT online course "IP networks" is studied before attempting this course.

Course reference: MEB (use this when contacting provider)

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