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Travel & tourism Diploma:

Tourism is a major global industry with enormous growth potential hence supports a huge number of different roles. If you are looking for a course that could provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to start a career in Travel & tourism industry, then this Travel & tourism Diploma course is for you. The course has been specially designed for home study and aims to equip you with the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to ensure future employability in the travel and tourism industry. Highlights of the course include; introduction to travel & tourism, the tourism products & services, the travel & tourism system, managing tour operations, marketing in travel & tourism, quality management and customer care, human resource management, transport management, transport and environment, crisis management, managing public awareness programmes and sustainable tourism & development.

The first part of the course gives introduction to the tourism industry as well as outlines its sectors and employment opportunities. Subsequent units of travel and tourism diploma explain the need of both business and pleasure travellers. Moving on the course explores how travel and tourism system works and discusses managing tour operations in detail.

This Tourism Diploma is be of great interest to all tourism professionals who would like to learn more about the growth and importance of the tourism industry. The course is also of great interest to all learners who are interested for a career in the tourism sector.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course the learner should be able to:

Discuss the broad overview of the concept of travel and tourism,
Identify products and services provided and offered within the tourism sector
Understand global Travel & Tourism System
Outline the sectors of the tourist industry and the employment and career opportunities it offers
List the main priorities of business and pleasure travellers and the ways in which travel destinations can appeal to both groups;
Explore the development and management of important relationships with key suppliers.
Explore effective marketing strategy, the planning and implementation of professional market research and effective promotional activities
Explore the concept of quality management and how to identify and assess the needs of the customer
Understand what is sustainable tourism
Discuss a workable HR strategy
Develop understating for series of essential transport principles and common transport options.
Explore various efficient and effective crisis management techniques
Explore the roles and responsibilities of the professional tour operator.

Course Syllabus

This course consists of following units:

Unit 1 - Introduction to Travel & Tourism

Unit 2 - The Tourism Products & Services

Unit 3 - The Travel & Tourism System

Unit 4 - Managing Tour Operations

Unit 5 - Marketing in Travel & Tourism

Unit 6 - Quality Management and Customer Care

Unit 7 - Human Resource Management

Unit 8 - Transport Management

Unit 9 - Transport and Environment

Unit 10 - Crisis Management

Unit 11 - Managing Public Awareness Programmes

Unit 12 - Sustainable Tourism & Development

Additional entry requirements

On course completion students can claim accredited certificate by paying £99 accreditation fee. Certificate postal charges will be £9.

Training for employers

This course has been specifically designed for companies training their employees.

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More info on price: On course completion students can claim accredited certificate by paying £99 accreditation fee. Certificate postal charges will be £9.

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