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Time and Priority Management: This great value short online course is ideal for businesses and individuals who are looking for a quick way to boost time management skills to reduce stress levels and boost productivity in the work place. These days, most people work in an ever-changing, fast-paced environment, so no matter what industry you work in, good time and priority management skills are a crucial string to your bow. The five step-by-step modules are expertly designed to help you understand exactly what time management is, and more importantly how you can implement it using tried and tested strategies to improve performance and take back control at work. There is also a focus on the time management of others, with lots of guidance on how to delegate appropriately and successfully. If you need a time management course, it’s a given that you don’t have much time to spare! The online nature of this course is the perfect solution for busy people who need to fit their learning around other commitments as there are no deadlines to meet or weekly class to attend. All study takes place in your own time.

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