Speech writing

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Speech writing:

This highly practical one day course will encourage participants to use the session to at least make a start on a speech to be written and delivered.


Review of the four phases of speech writing

  • Preparation
  • Writing
  • Rehearsing
  • Rewriting


  • Who is the audience?
  • What do they know/not know/want to know?
  • When is the speech being made?
  • How will it be delivered?
  • Where is the setting?
  • Why is the speech giver making the speech/with what authority?


  • Themes
  • Anecdotes
  • Numbers
  • Examples
  • Arguments


  • Put the material into the best sequence. Throw out what does not fit.

Writing - structure the speech as:

Opening of up to 500 words

  • Gain attention
  • Give purpose
  • Transmit assurance
  • Link to today


  • Apology
  • Explanation
  • Standard greetings
  • "I'm going to talk...."

Body in sections, clearly signaled to a listening audience


  • Three-part lists
  • Compare and contrast
  • Links to audience
  • Parallel structures
  • Questions posed and answered
  • Anecdotes
  • Connections to values of audience
  • Benefits, not features
  • Humour

Link sections with strong transitions - tell them what you are going to say, say it, tell them what you have said


  • Show clear conviction and belief
  • Mirror the opening
  • Answer all questions left hanging

Structure the supporting material: full text/overheads, etc

Develop the materials for the speech giver: notes or full text; a combination?

Check for:

  • Timing at 100 to 120 words a minute
  • Peaks and troughs
  • Colour
  • Combination of supporting material and text

Rehearsal - get speaker to see text/notes; have it read out

Check for:

  • Awkward phrasing for the speaker
  • Timing
  • Mannerisms


  • Change phrasing/length/peaks
  • Think again of audience and setting
  • Check supporting material

Application of the first two stages for a practical exercise

Additional entry requirements

The above outline is just an example of what we can deliver for you. All our in-company training is tailored to suit your specific needs, so we will design a bespoke solution to meet your objectives.

Training for employers

This course has been specifically designed for companies training their employees.

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Can be taught anywhere in United Kingdom. Contact course provider to agree precise meeting place.


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Customised to suit your needs.


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