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Spanish: It’s never too late to start learning to speak Spanish. And, when you realise that 25 different nations around the world speak Spanish either as their official or primary language, it makes a lot of sense too. If you’re ever travelling in Latin America or Spain, not only will being able to speak Spanish mean you can find your way around much more easily, you’ll enjoy being able to chat to people and make friends too. And it’s not just helpful for travel and leisure: speaking a second language can really improve your employment prospects and looks great on your CV. Best of all, Spanish is one of the easiest foreign languages to learn. Even if you’re starting from scratch, you’ll begin to see the results almost immediately, making it instantly rewarding. Everything you need to know when you’re abroad. Imagine being in Spain and being able to speak and understand the language? Well, we can help you to do just that. Engaging videos will introduce you to everyday situations and scenarios, whilst over 40 different activities will have you speaking the language within minutes. This step by step course will teach you to: Respond and communicate when you meet people for the first time, Order food and drink, Start a conversation and get to know someone, Talk about family and friends, Find your way around and ask for directions, Talk about your home and where you live, Hire a car and go sightseeing. All the skills involved in learning a language are covered: reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar. Choosing to learn with Linguaphone is the ideal way to take your first steps towards speaking Spanish with confidence. Used by thousands of international companies, governments, schools and colleges all over the world, this is the most powerful language learning system on the market. This course is designed to be easy and enjoyable, following Linguaphone’s popular ‘listen, understand and speak’ methodology.

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