Sewing Essentials - Serger Techniques

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Sewing Essentials - Serger Techniques: Working with fabric and textiles can be an incredibly rewarding venture, whether it’s for personal or professional gain. From simple tasks like hemming a pair of trousers or customising clothing, to more complicated challenges like making home decoration pieces, the ability to sew is a skill that will always be useful. Mastering a sewing machine, as well as an overlocker and serger, can help you to broaden your sewing skill set, and with this easy to follow content, available in partnership with experts at SewInformed, you’ll have these skills ‘all sewn up’. As a sewing enthusiast, learning how to sew using the various machines available can help you to create fabulous products without facing the struggles that sewing-by-hand can cause. Naturally, hand sewing is an enjoyable pastime but imagine the possibilities once you unleash the potential of a serger sewing machine or overlocker! With this interesting course, you can get to grips with some of the basic serger and overlocker features, and soon you’ll be able to give every project a professional finish. With this in-depth course, you can work through a variety of classes and video tutorials (combined offering over 5 hours of content), which will help you to learn the basic operation of a serger or similar overlocker machine. From the 60-minute ‘Basic Serger Class’ which is broken down into five easy-to-manage chunks, to more complex features like how to overlock on mesh, and making tassels and table toppers, this course covers many of the essential skills you’ll need to be able to use your serger or overlocker with confidence and precision. Zippers and Half Zippers! Don’t be afraid, Amy will show you how to change the Zipper pull tab to change up the look of your project. Have you ever pulled off the Zipper pull tab by mistake and thought all was lost? No worries, Amy will show you how to fix the Zipper and make a Notions Bag using only half a zipper. Take out your Serger and do a decorative finish on the project as well as inserting a Zipper with your Serger. Machine Embroidery takes the project to the next level with quilting in the hoop and adding a design. Embroidery makes it quick and easy. This Notions Bag can be used for so many things. Easy gift for anyone who likes to keep things organized.

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