Sage IAB Computerised Accounting for Business Level 1

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Sage IAB Computerised Accounting for Business Level 1: The Sage IAB Level 1 course will give a thorough syllabus for beginners, so if you’re new to accounting or wish to gain computerised accountancy skills, or a globally recognised bookkeeping qualification, it is perfect. You can expect to learn the fundamental elements of accountancy, and grasp the principles which you will use on a day-to-day basis. The Sage IAB Level 1 online course is suitable for you if you are: A business owner looking to keep track of their company finances as a self-sufficient organisation, A beginner looking to break into the accounting industry, An administration or office assistant who undertakes bookkeeping duties and responsibilities, A current accountant or bookkeeper who is looking to get recognition for further development. Online course modules: Introduction to Computerised Accounting, Financial Services and Payment Methods, Set Up a Computerised Accounting System and Process Data. The exams are included within this package and can be taken online at any time that is convenient to you. The exam will prove your knowledge and ability in carrying out the tasks learned in the course, and once you have passed the exam you will become a globally recognised bookkeeper to the level that is relevant to your course. The Sage IAB Level 1 course is perfect as a stepping stone to higher qualifications and further development. The qualification is made up of two Online Knowledge Tests which are a series of independent short answers, multiple choice, gap fill or true/false questions. They are assessed via IABOnline and are open book. These can be taken in class or at home. There is also one Online Assignment which is also assessed via IAB Online, open book, and able to be taken in class or from home. It is made up of short case study questions with several tasks for each case study.

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International Association of Book-Keepers

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