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Report writing:

This course is aimed at anyone who has to write reports, whether it’s for a village event; a FTSE 100; local business or charity.

The course comes in 3 parts:

Part 1: Why reports? The POWER method of writing
Part 2: The four different types of reports
Part 3: Telling it in words and images

You will learn:

  • How to plan and target your report writing
  • The POWER © method for foolproof report writing
  • The secrets of an effective report
  • The information to include, and how to present facts and figures
  • The questions you need to ask yourself and answer in your reports
  • How to present information in a structure for an audience to understand
  • Creating a structure for your report, from the top summary to the bottom detail

...and much more.

Report writing is an ideal companion to our Effective writing, Top 20 grammar mistakes and how to fix them and Proofreading courses if you need more of the basics.

Additional entry requirements

Gives you everything you need to know about writing reports. How to write short, medium or long reports that communicate what you want to communicate to your audiences – all in one interactive online training course, where you will work on your actual report, and have the option of getting one-to-one feedback on your reports from our expert tutors.

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This course is offered to anyone in the world, but its qualification is only relevant in this country.

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Variable - to suit the learner


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Online course

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No time limit

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