Quant Trading Using Machine Learning

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Quant Trading Using Machine Learning: Where trading floors were once fuelled by research, experience, and gut instinct, investment decisions in the fickle financial markets are now increasingly coming from maths experts, and the computer programmes they release. Algorithms, formulas, and Quant trading is taking over, so why not get up to speed and learn how to apply quant trading techniques and better navigate the investment market. This short course is underpinned with theory, with an emphasis on doing, so you will finish with a host of skills that you can take with you onto the trading floor. This course focuses on machine learning and the ability to make computers learn without being specifically programmed to do so. You will study a variety of advanced machine learning techniques, and how they can be used in Quant trading to help with quantitative analysis. You’ll learn more about Python libraries, and how to use them to build financial models that can inform investment decisions. This exciting yet affordable course is ideal for anyone that wants a healthy dose of theory, with more of an emphasis on doing, and practical application. If you’re already in the business but haven’t encountered machine learning techniques, or you’re interesting in learning new skills in developing quant trading models, then this is the course for you. With this course some knowledge of python is necessary to enable you to run source coding, and you will also benefit from some basic knowledge of machine learning classification.

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