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Public Speaking for Success: Talk your way into your dream career with our exciting Public Speaking for Success course that can help you gain the technique and the confidence to be the best public speaker you can be. Embrace your potential with this comprehensive course that can help you to hone your speaking skills and provide you with the confidence you need to shine. Public speaking can be a terrifying prospect for many people, whether that’s talking in front of a panel for an interview or marketing pitch, or it’s for a presentation that’s on a much larger scale. Anxiety is a natural feeling, but with this super course, you can ensure that you’re fully prepared for anything that may come your way! The video-based e-learning course is broken down into modules, which are split into parts that address various areas of ‘Me, the Public Speaker’, including ‘my fears’, ‘my purpose’, ‘my speech’, ‘my speaking’, ‘my audience’ and ‘my practical speaking’. Topic areas include speech structure, preparing a speech and speaking notes, using the body and the voice, and how to use PowerPoint and other visual tools. Upon completion, students will have gained essential know-how required to have the confidence, the belief and the ability to give a speech….a good one.

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