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Course description

PhotoSchool Online Digital Photography Course:

The Online Digital Photography Course from PhotoSchool is suitable for complete beginners or keen amateurs with their own DSLRs who need refreshment of key photographic skills. It is also suitable for users of advanced Bridge, Mirrorless or Compact Cameras.

The Online Digital Photography Course for Beginners is designed to be the essential breakdown of key skills and techniques that beginners and amateur photographers should master, and we think it's the only course you'll ever need to start getting the results you want from your photography.

Direct Feeback & Your Own Personal Mentor

The problem with distance learning is that when you get stuck, it's sometimes very hard to find your way out of the hole you're in!

The PhotoSchool Online Course is a series of easy online lessons that anyone interested in photography can follow.

Course Content

1. Quick Start Tips

Aim to get you taking better picture immediately by guiding you through the best way to set up your camera functions:
Avoiding camera shake
Fussing the image
Test yourself with a first photography assignment

2. Common Mistakes

Identifying and starting to recognise how to avoid, the 4 most common mistakes every photographer has made

3. Your Gear

A breakdown of essential kit and how to care for/organize your equipment. All you ever need to know about:

Memory cards
Lens and sensor cleaning
Camera bags

4. Key Camera Controls

A general introduction to the vital camera controls you need to know about, all simply explained :

Exposure mode
Shutter speed
White balance
File format
Colour space

5. Camera Grips

6. The Lens

Your camera’s most important part; an in-depth look at:
Lens anatomy - what does what
Manual or auto focus
Setting up manual focus
Auto focus techniques

7. Perspective

Explaining and understanding a crucial part of photography - some workshops / courses don’t even mention this at all! They show how you can master perspective quickly!
Perspective explained
Perspective in portraits, landscapes
Perspective and composition, learning from paintings and classic art
Zooms v fixed focal length lenses
Practical coursework exercises on Perspective

8. The Camera

The fundamentals of the main camera modes revisited, explained in greater depth:
Aperture Priority mode
Shutter Speed Part 1
Shutter Speed Part 2
The relationship between Aperture & Shutter Speed
The relationship between Aperture & Shutter Speed & ISO
Camera Simulator - a unique digital simulator to illustrate the topics covered in this lesson
Sensors and resolution, crop factors

9. White Balance

WB revisited and explained in depth
Various approaches and techniques for White Balance

10. Black & White

An introduction to monochrome photography

11. Lighting

The right light for your subject
The right lens for your subject

12. Night Time photography

An introduction to after dark photography

13. Portrait photography

An introduction to portrait and people photography

14. Depth of Field

Introducing and explaining a fundamental and incredibly powerful optical phenomenon

15. Overriding Auto Exposure

Introducing the various means you can choose to override Auto Exposure
Exposure compensation
Metering patterns
Manual exposure mode

16. Silhouettes

Additional entry requirements

No previous experience of DSLR photography necessary. Participants own Digital SLR, Bridge, Mirrorless or Advanced Compact Cameras, and have a computer with internet connection.

Course reference: PhotoSchool Online Course HC (use this when contacting provider)

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Online course

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