Microsoft Word 2010 - Interactive Training Programme (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)

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Microsoft Word 2010 - Interactive Training Programme (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced): Stand out from the crowd by creating the perfect document quickly and cleanly in Microsoft Word 2010. With lessons divided into basic, intermediate and advanced chapters, this online learning course goes well beyond the levels of training offered by many books and classes. Students start with very basic operations, learning to enter and format text and build step by step until they are comfortable programming basic functions using macros and XML. Every tool and option is covered, and the self-paced structure ensures that students can spend as much or as little time as required becoming familiar with each. Learn how Word 2010 goes beyond simple simple text entry by developing professional skills like performing mail merges to automatically create individually addressed letters and envelopes. And see how easy it is to automatically transform information into tables, charts and graphics. All these lessons and many more are included in this comprehensive course that will ensure every student feels comfortable using Word 2010 to its fullest potential.

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