Microsoft Office 2010 - Interactive Training Programme (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)

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Microsoft Office 2010 - Interactive Training Programme (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced): Become a Microsoft Office 2010 power user with this course. Combining five courses into one cost-effective bundle, the Microsoft Office 2010 Online Training course shows students how to master five of the most popular productivity tools in use today – Word 2010, Excel 2010, Outlook 2010, PowerPoint 2010 and Access 2010. Upon completion of this course, students will have mastered advanced topics around document creation, spreadsheets and calculations, email and scheduling, presentations and desktop databases. Starting with basic concepts before moving on to look at advanced techniques, this course is best suited to: Professionals who need to learn how to be more productive with all five applications that make up Office 2010, Employees who want to deepen their knowledge of the Microsoft Office 2010 suite of applications, Workers and individuals who want to work towards earning the world-famous Microsoft Office Specialist qualification, Employees who need to earn an industry-recognised qualification in using Microsoft Office, Individuals who would like to build up their skills for work or home. Using a seamless mix of instructor-led videos, hands-on exercises and interactive quizzes the Microsoft Office 2010 Online Training course is delivered online using the learning platform. Using a self-study approach, students can work at their own pace, as and when best suits them. The course materials also provide a handy reference for when they try to apply their new found knowledge at work. Learners can also repeat modules or practical exercises as many times as they like until confident that they have fully understood each application included in Office 2010. The social networking platform is an excellent resource for seeking help or sharing ideas with other learners.

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