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Microsoft Excel - Intermediate: This fantastic value online course is designed for busy professionals who wish to build on the Microsoft Excel skills they already possess in order to improve their data visualisation and data analysis skills. The course is designed to build on the knowledge gained from the Microsoft Excel for Beginners course which precedes it. While Excel is undoubtedly a useful software program for the home, the content of this course is designed for those who want to use their Excel skills to improve their efficiency at work and advance their careers. It is particularly recommended for people working in the investment, banking or consulting industries. The course is also very useful for individuals who work in administration or anyone who needs to track and analyse data as part of their job. With many employers now demanding intermediate Excel skills from job candidates, investing the time in gaining this skill is a smart move for those who wish to climb the career ladder. The 34 modules of this course cover a huge amount of ground but do so in short, easy-to-access modules that make this an easy and achievable way of improving Excel skills around other commitments. There is a focus on learning about how you can manipulate the many functions of Excel in order to meet your needs as an Excel user. Not only that, you will spend time getting a more in-depth knowledge of data validation skills such as date, time and list.

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