Manual Handling - Awareness in the Workplace

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Manual Handling - Awareness in the Workplace: Discover the main principles of manual handling safety awareness in this interesting and absorbing basic entry-level course. It's suitable for all employees who lift heavy objects within their place of work and wish to increase their knowledge and awareness of safe handling techniques. It's also an ideal training opportunity for those looking to enhance their understanding of health and safety best practices to help boost their employment options and increase their earning prospects. Poor manual handling practices and unsafe lifting techniques are the cause of a significantly high number of the injuries that occur in the workplace each and every year. In fact, recent statistics suggest that unsafe manual handling techniques are responsible for a third of all reported workplace injuries, and in some cases recovery can be a long and difficult process. Such injuries, although commonplace, can have vast and far-reaching consequences, both for the individual involved and the organisation they work for. It can result in a great deal of personal discomfort and emotional distress for the victim, and create disruption and legal hassle for their employers. Injury in the workplace as a result of poor manual handling techniques can also have quite serious financial implications, as victims may have to take extended leave from work to undergo costly medical treatment. These lost days at work through personal injury can end up costing businesses hundreds, and in some cases even thousands, of pounds each year. However, the good news is that such injuries are entirely preventable. Armed with the right knowledge and training, employees can learn how to manage risks, implement suitable control measures and dramatically reduce the chances of personal injury from occurring.

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