Management of Value (MoV®) Foundation

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Management of Value (MoV®) Foundation:

Improve your value and contribute effectively to MoV® activities within your organisation.

Management of Value (MoV®) is designed to help organisations increase the value they deliver and make better use of resources with a proven methodology to complement their current management practices.

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  • Management of Value (MoV®) Foundation

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Management of Value Online Course Curriculum includes:


  • The purpose and structure of the course
  • The format and style of the MoV™ examination

Introduction to MoV™

  • The relationship between MoV™ and other best practice management products
  • Definition of “value”
  • Description of MoV™ in terms of terms of “what it is”, “where it can be used”, “when it should be used” and finally “what is involved in its use”

MoV™ Principles

  • Description of the 7 MoV™ principles MoV™ Processes
  • Description of the 7 MoV™ processes

MoV™ Techniques

Description of:

  • Function Analysis
  • Function Cost Analysis
  • Value Engineering and Analysis
  • Other common techniques often used in MoV™

MoV™ Approach and Implementation

  • Description of a generic process around which a study can be structured
  • Description of the relationships between the MoV™ study leader and the rest of the team

MoV™ Environment

  • Description of the external and internal factors that affect MoV™ policies and strategies
  • Description of the considerations for the portfolio, programme, project and operational environments

MoV™ Embedding

  • Overview of the embedding process
  • Key benefits of embedding MoV™
  • Key steps of embedding MoV™
  • Roles and responsibilities required when using MoV™
  • Overcoming barriers to implementation

MoV™ Appendices

  • MoV™ documents
  • MoV™ toolbox
  • MoV™ health check
  • MoV™ maturity modelling

MoV™ Foundation Examination Technique

  • How to approach the MoV™ examination

MoV™ Examination Simulator

  • Featuring sample questions in the style of the MoV™ examination and timed to assist your preparation

MoV® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited.

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Online course

Total time for completion:

12 months

per course

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