Level 2 Teaching Assistant – (CPD Certified)

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Level 2 Teaching Assistant – (CPD Certified): Launch yourself into an exciting new career as a teaching assistant with this great course. The 150,000 and rising teaching assistants in the UK provide a vital role in supporting the children and teachers in our primary, secondary and Special Educational Needs classrooms. If you enjoy children’s company and would like to make a positive difference to their lives by helping them learn and thrive through supporting their education, then a career as a teaching assistant is perfect for you. As a teaching assistant you will become a valued and important member of school staff both by helping the class teacher plan and deliver lessons and by working individually with children. It’s not just the school’s children that will benefit from you becoming a teaching assistant – yours will too! With term-time only hours within the school day, a career as a teaching assistant is the perfect solution for parents who want to work in a fulfilling job that makes a real difference to young peoples’ lives, while also being at home after school and in the holidays to spend quality time with their own children. No more panics about finding childcare for the school holidays, or worries about the cost. And although you will help with administrative work during the school day, unlike a teacher, you won’t be under pressure to give up your precious evenings and weekends for marking work and planning lessons, so there’s still plenty of time not just for family life but for hobbies and interests too. Given the attractive, family friendly hours, it’s no surprise to learn that competition for teaching assistant positions is fierce, even though our schools are being forced to expand as record numbers of new pupils are set to enroll over the next few years. While there is no official requirement for a teaching assistant to have a vocational qualification, completing a course gives you a head start as you can prove that you’re committed to and serious about a career in this field. Also, if you’re already a teaching assistant but are looking to sharpen up your skill set, change jobs or negotiate a higher salary, this course will set you on the path to career progression by boosting your confidence and ensuring your knowledge is as secure and up to date as possible. However, if you’re just getting started, rest assured there is no need to have an existing placement at a school to enroll on the course.

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