Level 2 Diploma in Upper Body Massage

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Level 2 Diploma in Upper Body Massage: Concentrate on the upper body with this specialist diploma in upper body massage therapy that focuses on the head, neck and shoulders. Relieve the aches and pains of your clients by kneading the soft tissue and ridding them of problem knots, by becoming a qualified massage therapist in a matter of months. The massage courses that we offer all contribute to a well-rounded skill set that any prospective massage therapist can use to take the next step along their career path. With the six hours of course material available online, around the clock, students will be able to work through the diploma in no time at all. With the curriculum split across seven easy-to-manage modules, you will be able to study all aspects of upper body massage, in bitesize chunks. Cover the basics of massage therapy and then focus on upper body-specific elements, such as facial massage techniques and Indian head massages, to build your knowledge and expertise. There’ll always be a need for a good massage therapist – word will travel fast if your techniques are effective and with our courses, they will be!

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