Level 2 Anti-Fraud and Money Laundering Prevention Diploma

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Level 2 Anti-Fraud and Money Laundering Prevention Diploma: Give your business a helping hand, by learning more about fraud and being able to identify it within the workplace. As a business, the idea of fraud – at any level – can have devastating effects, costing the business enormously, no matter how big or small the enterprise. Whether you own your own company, or you’re in a management position, understanding fraud is absolutely essential, and with this online course, you will be able to learn all you need to know. Broken down into 25 packed modules, all delivered online as part of the easy-to-navigate courseware, the Fraud Awareness certification can be completed in between 10 and 15 hours. Take as long as you need, because there are no deadlines, and pass the multiple choice assessment (70% pass rate) to be able to add this invaluable qualification to your CV. From the fundamental concepts and fraud analysis to the five step fraud management process, this comprehensive course will help you to understand fraud in its entirety, and can help you to save your business millions by learning how to spot and prevent fraud from taking place. Don’t allow your business to fall victim of fraud and money laundering – take the necessary preventative steps today, by signing up to our Fraud Awareness diploma.

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