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Level 2 - Air Cabin Crew Diploma: Gain a valuable insight into aviation to help you get your first job working in a cabin crew team. The course offers a comprehensive knowledge of everything you need to know before you take to the skies in 20 easy to understand modules, from the fundamental principles of working as cabin crew to identifying and dealing with potential security threats. The course is arranged into 20 comprehensive but manageable bite sized chunks enabling you to learn as quickly and efficiently as possible. Each one takes about 30 minutes to complete and there is a short test to complete at the end of each one, enabling you to track your learning. The modules cover the basics of the passenger aviation industry, including history, regulation and airline types; geography, time zones and weather conditions; aircraft layout, safety and communications; flight procedure and emergencies and fatigue and stress management. The course will take around 10 hours to complete, but you can learn at your own pace so you can take two days or one years to finish it, depending on your other commitments. The flexible nature of online learning enables you to study anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

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