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Informing and detailed, but only in text and a bit outdated.

The first thing I want to portray is that this course is very informing and deta...more

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Learn to play the piano: Online course:

Designed for absolute beginners, this course starts by talking you through how to go about making an informed decision when choosing your instrument. You'll learn the important features of a piano and what the benefits are of choosing a digital or acoustic piano. If you already have a suitable piano to learn to play on, this information will still prove helpful in getting you better acquainted with it.

To ensure you develop good habits and avoid the bad, you will be shown both correct and incorrect hand postures. With this knowledge, you can keep checking your positioning and be aware of any poor habits that may start to form, so that you can correct them as you learn to play.

With proper posture established, you will learn the names of the notes on the keyboard and be introduced to what scales are and what makes up a scale. As you get to grips with where the notes are you will learn the correct way to travel up and down the keyboard. You will then move on to the basics of reading music'’ first getting to grips with how written musical notes correlate to the keys on your piano. As part of building this knowledge up, the course dissects a piece of sheet music and explains its component parts.

From these basics you will be shown, step-by-step, how to play a simple tune by reading sheet music and following the teacher's hands. You will then learn about how rhythm is written and played before learning about Triad and Seventh chords, again following the theory and practical aspects of this with your video tutor.

In addition to the lessons themselves, the Learn to Play the Piano - Beginners' Video Course shows several finger exercises that will help to improve your playing and reduce any difficulty you have incorporating the techniques taught. To further your knowledge even more, the course also includes explanations and demonstrations of the various symbols that you will come across while reading sheet music.

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Informing and detailed, but only in text and a bit outdated.
3 5
October 2017

The first thing I want to portray is that this course is very informing and detailed. The information is professional and practice oriented. It it paired with some useful exercises. The diploma comes with CPD credits. However what disappointed me a lot was the way in which the information is given. It is only via text. So in essence you pay money for a online book which you cannot even download. The next disappointing thing is that the course uses some outdated science which has been disproven. Namely the eye accessing cues. The movements of the eyes are not correlated with memory or construction of a lie.

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Perfect for My CPD!
5 5
by Liz - October 2017

As a Teaching Assistant in a primary school where we have a number of children who are on The Spectrum, this course and the ABA Therapy course have both been amazing for my Continuous Personal Development. I don't think I've ever studied anything that has had such an immediate and profound effect on my work life before. Getting a distinction in both of these courses has really impressed our Headmistress and Governers too which is a bonus! Plus Kate and Steph have been brilliantly supportive (not to mention patient LOL) throughout the entire process.

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