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Course description

Java EE Business Component Developer Training Courses:


This Java EE Business Component Developer course bundle focuses on providing fundamental information on two popular Java programming tools – Enterprise JavaBeans and Java Persistence API – which are used to build applications and programs using Java.

Java Programming skills are highly valued in today’s Software and Web Development arena, and touching up on your Java skills will undoubtedly provide you with career opportunities.


These tools are used by Java Developers who are responsible for designing, developing, testing, deploying and integrating EJB applications.

If you wish to pursue Java Programming and Development, this bundle is an ideal place to start.

What you will learn

During this course you will gain an understanding of such subjects as:

  1. Basics and core concepts of Enterprise JavaBeans
  2. How to build message-driven Beans
  3. EJB Security
  4. How to use JAX-WS
  5. Java Interceptors

Why study online?

Many students prefer online study to conventional classroom-based learning as it provides them with the freedom to learn at their own pace, and in an environment in which they are comfortable.

Online study material can also be viewed and revised as many times as the student needs, which contributes to long-term memory retention.

These factors, in addition to the fact that online training courses are often more cost effective than the on-site alternative, make online study an appealing option to students today.


Java EE Business Component Developer Training Courses Curriculum

Java EE Programming: Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB 3.0) and Java Persistence (JPA)

Java EE Programming: Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB 3.0) in the Enterprise

Who is this course for?

This course is intended for Java Programmers who wish to prepare themselves to become Business Component Developers.

This course is intended for Java programmers with a basic understanding of Java EE and XML.

  • Career path
  • Java Developer
  • Java Programmer
  • Web Programmer
  • Software Engineer

Additional entry requirements

To achieve the associated certification for this course, students must be certified as a Java Programmer (SE 5 or SE 6).

Awarding body

Oracle Corporation

Training for employers

This course has been specifically designed for companies training their employees.

Course info


Professional or Industry specific qualification


UK qualification

This course is offered to anyone in the world, but its qualification is only relevant in this country.

Study Hours:

Variable - to suit the learner


BeginnerIntermediate Advanced

Virtual help:

No attendance for this course

Course type:

Online course

Total time for completion:

12 months

per course

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