Introduction to the Internet & Computers

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Introduction to the Internet & Computers: In this digital age, computer skills are essential, and needed for everything from communication to making purchases. If your computer skills are lacking it can feel like you’re being left behind in a world that’s increasingly online. With this Computers and Internet for Beginners course you’ll start at the very beginning, with the basics of computer and internet use, so there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed. Starting with a basic introduction to computers and the internet, and moving to more in-depth topics, this course covers a number of useful skills. These include using email for communication, searching the internet and social networking sites, and keeping yourself safe online. This course is for complete computer novices. Perhaps you didn’t have the opportunity to learn basic computer skills at school, or you wish to purchase this course for a friend or relative who would benefit from having the world at their fingertips. It’s also a useful purchase for those just starting out in business who need basic computer skills to get going, as well as career changers who wish to go from another type of position into an office based role.

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