Introduction to digital media

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Introduction to digital media:

Do you know the difference between Twitter and Facebook and blogging (or just don't know what social media is); search engine optimisation and search engine marketing?

ContentETC's fact-filled interactive intro to digital media training course explores digital media in enough detail to give you a sound understanding of the key issues, trends, technology and possibilities.

We explain all of the jargon, look at how the web is changing the way we live and work, and explore the three big issues that are driving change in the digital world. You'll also get lots of practical guidance on how to optimise your website traffic and build a digital buzz around your content.

You will learn:

  • How online channels and digital content are transforming our world
  • The key principles of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • How to exploit multimedia and interactivity
  • Why blogging is so huge and why it matters
  • How social networks and communities work and create influence
  • The 3 big drivers of change
  • Website usability and how we react to screen content
  • The Twitter phenomenon
  • Mobile content and future mobile trends
  • What all of that digital jargon really means!

...and much more.

Top tips and checklists

Handy tips and checklists are provided at each key stage of the course. These cover vital topics including:

  • Making sure your site is designed with users in mind
  • Ensuring your content works in the right way for the right medium
  • Maximising SEO potential
  • Deciding what tools and servies work for your content
  • Which community content, social networking sites or tools are right for you
  • Aiming for minimum effort and maximum return

Additional entry requirements

Suitable for anyone who wants to boost their understanding of all things digital. Ideal preparation for our SEO and Writing for the web online e-learning courses.

Course reference: DMID014 (use this when contacting provider)

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