Intermediate and Advanced Java Programming

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Intermediate and Advanced Java Programming: This course is designed for those developers who have already mastered the basics and are ready to build on their existing knowledge, this course takes developers through intermediate and advanced techniques to round and mature their skills. These advanced Java programming skills will prepare students to meet any real-world development challenge. The Intermediate and Advanced Java Programming course is recommended for: Junior developers who have already completed basic Java training and who want to achieve mastery of the language, Experienced programmers who need to cross-train into Java application development, Freelance developers and consultants who have already completed introductory Java training and would like to take their learning further, IT professionals who would like to cross-train into a programming role. Using over 5 hours of instructor led videos and an extensive collection of self-study manuals, the Intermediate and Advanced Java Programming course is delivered online so that contents are available anyplace anytime, so that participants can study whenever and wherever is most convenient for them. Ensure they have fully grasped each techniques before moving on to the next module. Students can also take advantage of the built-in social networking tools to share their knowledge and experience, adding another valuable learning tool by which they can further improve knowledge and skills. Upon completion of the course students will not only have mastered the theories behind Java programming, but they will also have acquired the language skills required to build advanced applications.

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