IP networks and the Internet

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IP networks and the Internet:

The Internet has revolutionised modern communications. With the convergence of voice, video and data services, the trend is for telecommunications providers to use the same technologies that underpin the Internet to provide all telecoms services. This online course describes the principles and operation of networks based on the use of the Internet Protocol (IP). The techniques employed to protect the security of information transmitted over the Internet are also discussed.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • describe the basic structure of the Internet, the role of the various Internet administrative bodies and the role of Internet service providers.
  • describe the role of ISP transit services and peering arrangements.
  • explain the various ways in which the security of information stored on, or transferred over, the Internet can be compromised.
  • explain the concept and advantages of connectionless operation.
  • describe the role, operation and facilities offered by the Internet Protocol (IP).
  • explain the concept, advantages and implementation of IP addressing, the concept and role of port numbers, and the role and operation of network address translation.
  • describe the role and administration of the domain name system.
  • explain the operation of the domain name system with reference to ways of minimising its vulnerabilities to malicious use.
  • describe the role and operation of the Transmission Control and User Datagram protocols (TCP and UDP) with reference to the security of TCP connections.
  • describe the use of other Internet protocols in applications such as web browsing, emailing, file transfer, and multicasting with reference to the ways of improving the security of data transfer.

This online course includes assessments, the results of which are summarised in a certificate published at course completion.

Additional entry requirements

An understanding of the basic principles of packet switching. It is recommended that the PTT course "Data communications principles" is studied before attempting this IP Networks course

Course reference: TAF (use this when contacting provider)

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