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The best thing I’ve done for myself.

I’ve suffered from social anxiety and shyness since as long as I can remember (I...more

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I Don't Know What to Say! - Improvisation for Social Confidence:

Overcome social awkwardness and social anxiety the fast, fun and easy way.

DO YOU find yourself drying up or going blank when under pressure, or get tongue-tied when someone makes a smart remark?

One of the reasons that you dry up or get tongue-tied – is because you are programmed to go into your head and try to think of something to say.

Most of us have become left-brain dominant because of the way we’ve been educated and we don’t know how to activate our powerful and more creative right-brain.

This is why the I Don't Know what to Say Improvisation is so effective at overcoming social difficulties. It gives you access to your spontaneous right-brain, and in fact enables you to operate from both right and left-brain together. It is probably one of the most effective ways of building verbal confidence as well as liberating you on all sorts of levels.

This course is designed for people who wouldn't normally go near a drama or "improv" class. The course will first of all be a very safe environment to make mistakes and take risks - this is something that doesn’t come so easily to reserved people who often feel they have to "get it right" and don’t have the luxury to make mistakes.

You will learn how to respond in the most natural way - not from your head, but from your gut feelings, you will be surprised at the brilliance, wit and humour that flows out of you. Once learnt it is a skill that you will never forget, and is probably most effective way of overcoming the blocks that keep you self-conscious or stuck for words.


  • You will be part of a very supportive group who are all rooting for you.
  • You will learn how to be more spontaneous and how to respond more in the moment, so you will become less inhibited in social situations and more able to respond to unexpected challenges.
  • You will have tremendous fun, playing and creating with other people even if you think you can’t play. You are likely to find it easier to verbally play more in your relationships and communication.
  • You will find yourself thinking less and allowing yourself to communicate in a natural way without need to analyse everything before you speak.
  • You will learn how to stand up to dominant and overpowering people.

Take this skill into your life and you will begin to experience more ease in your life, you will deal with challenges more effectively, your will express yourself with ease and develop an effortless self-confidence.

But most of all you will have had tremendous fun with an enthusiastic bunch of people - and come away from sessions feeling light-hearted, inspired and energised. Many people report that this heightened state continues for days afterwards enabling them to accomplish their tasks with ease.


Firstly this is not an anonymous class where you are thrown in the deep end and where everyone else seems to know what they're doing except you.

This is a course - where you will build up a high level of trust with one another in a very safe environment. A very important aspect of the course is the support and encouragement that you will receive from other group members.

Claire Schrader is an expert in confidence, and having overcome acute self-consciousness, she knows what it's like to feel inhibited and will gently guide you through a process that will enable you to easily overcome your difficulties. She has adapted these techniques to help people who feel they lack self confidence, express themselves more effectively.

Additional entry requirements

All levels of experience. Before joining the course, you may want to have an informal phone consultation with Claire - in which you will discuss the current challenges you are facing and how the improvisation course can help you. She may advise you to join one of her other groups if that is more appropriate to you.

Training for employers

This course has been specifically designed for companies training their employees.

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Start Date: Thu 19th September 2019
MAY 2019
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat


Camden, NW1 0ND


5:30pm - 7:30pm, 6:00pm - 7:30pm, 7:30pm - 9:30pm + 1 more


12 weeks


Part time evening


No Qualification



From: £270

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An environment like no other
5 5
by Colin - April 2017

When I joined the course, the phrase “I don’t know what to say” was all consuming. Speaking at work and even with friends, I was so worried about myself and saying the wrong things that I became the mouthpiece to the nightmare in my head. The first few weeks were challenging and I gave into my own self-consciousness a number of times, but Claire led by example, alleviating a lot of my doubts and helping me cultivate a more blasé attitude to being around people and speaking my mind. This environment is unlike anything you will find in everyday life, and the freedom you are afforded is completely transferrable. Simply put, I give much less of a f!!! now than I did 12 weeks ago, and this is infintely more than I could have hoped for when tentatively enrolling. I would do it again without hesitation as it is easily the best decision I’ve made on my journey of self-improvement.

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Excellent impro courses for confidence
5 5
by Inna - January 2015

This was my second course with making moves. Really enjoyed it, lots of fun exercises and great atmosphere. Structure of the course allowed to progress gradually and achieve great results at the end effortless. We were all amused at how we managed to develop ability to be spontaneous and confident in improvising in front of the group. Highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to build confidence, improve public speaking/presentation skills or open creative side of yourself.

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The best thing I’ve done for myself.
5 5
by Ben - May 2019

I’ve suffered from social anxiety and shyness since as long as I can remember (I’m now 39). I’m very self conscious and will do anything to avoid speaking in groups and speaking up. I’ve had one introductory session with Claire and I feel different, I’ve been buzzing since I left the class and I’m so glad I went (although I did walk past the door once and considered leaving it for another time) I’m now booked on another course, I’m nervous, but excited for what comes next. This is the best thing I’ve done for myself. Thank you Claire for providing a great environment.

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Life changing
5 5
by Jazmine - April 2019

After being to the brake though plus course a few years ago, I was a little apprehensive about coming back but from the moment it started I feel very happy to be back, it is sometimes very isolating feeling you are the only one who has trouble opening up and feeling confident, but in this very safe environment you instantly feel bravery that you thought had gone as everyone is in the same boat. I left the course feeling closer to everyone and more confidence with getting closer to people generally. I woke up a little foggier than normal but I have already raised my standard in my personal life just overnight and I’m hopeful this continues & I’m also feeling more relaxed and very much in tune with the universe and can’t wait to see the beauty in letting life happen just as it is meant to. It’s a very powerful course and has helped me get out of my head and into my heart once again. Thanks to everyone on the day and to Claire for this life changing workshop.

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