German Intermediate

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Course description

German Intermediate:

This Intermediate course is the first term of an academic year of study i.e 3 terms. You will develop your skills in the following over the course of the year and will further increase your ability to:

  • Discuss topics of general interest
  • Communicate with increased fluency and accuracy using past, present and future tenses
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of aspects of life in the countries where the language is spoken
  • Provide a detailed description of places (towns and countries)

Subject contents/Topics to be covered over the three terms of the academic year:

  • Discussion about different regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and cultural, environmental, political and economic issues
  • Talk about current affairs, life style, food health and travel
  • Identify the main points in longer texts
  • Express and justify your opinion during discussions
  • Give short presentations and listen to and respond to recording son a variety of topics.


  • Continue to use different past tense forms
  • Contiue to use the future tense (or other expressions to make plans for the future)
  • Revision and use of the Accusative, Nominative, Dative and Genitive cases
  • Revise different adjective endings
  • More prepositions and the cases they govern
  • Revision and use of different verb forms: modal verbs, separable verbs, reflexive verbs and infinitive forms.

Teaching/learning methods:

Conversation, reading, listening, role play, pair and group work, audio, video, occasional games, authentic materials.

Assessment pattern:

You will be continuous assessment by the Tutor to update you on your progress.

Progression opportunities:

Completion of this course will enable students to join a follow on German Intermediate Upper Level course next academic year with CALAT, subject to satisfactory enrolment numbers.

Additional entry requirements


Course reference: CTL661-18 (use this when contacting provider)

Course info
Start Date: Sat 25th April 2020


Croydon, CR9 1ET


6:00pm - 7:45pm


10 weeks


Part-time evening


No Qualification


Beginner IntermediateAdvanced

per course

More info: Concession: 92.00; Overseas: 227.50. Additional costs to students: Text book: To be advised by the Tutor during the first class. Students are advised not to buy any text books before the course starts.

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