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French Online Course (Canadian) Level 1: Canadian French is an umbrella term for the distinct varieties of French spoken by francophone Canadians: Québécois (Quebec French), Acadian French, Métis French, and Newfoundland French. The other differing features between French and Canadian French, include pronunciation and vowels, however, vowels are where you will find the most noticeable differences between Metropolitan French and Quebec French. This course has been designed to provide you with simple keywords, phrases and expressions that will help you communicate in Canadian French, Identify the alphabet and recognise the sounds in Canadian French, Introduce yourself and other members of your family, Understand and use colours in phrases, Work with numbers 1-20, Implement the days of the week into your communication, Practice simple greetings, Discuss professions, Talk about where you live and other countries, Tell the time, Exchange your contact details, Discuss your favourite food and drinks with others.

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