Forensics Executive Diploma

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Forensics Executive Diploma:

This course in the field of forensic science is a fascinating area to study. Students who enrol into the forensics course will complete the following units of study: observation skills, crime scene investigation and evidence examination, the study of hair, a study of fibers and fabrics, pollen and spore examination, fingerprinting, DNA profiling, blood spatter, drug identification and toxicology, handwriting analysis, forgery, and counterfeiting, death: meaning, manner, mechanism and time, soil examination, forensic anthropology, glass evidence, casts and impressions, tool marks and ballistics.

Career Prospects: The ICI forensics course is beneficial to anyone who wishes to obtain a valuable skill set in the field of forensics. In particular those working in the following professions will find their forensics training course particularly useful: private investigators, police officers, probation workers, secret intelligence services, homeland security, forensics labs, local, state and federal authorities and employees, those working in the courts and judiciary and anyone else who want to learn about the science and workings of forensics will find the course beneficial. The maximum time given to complete a program is three years. This course is recognised and accredited by the International Association of Private Career Colleges (IAPCC).

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