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The best thing I’ve done for myself.

I’ve suffered from social anxiety and shyness since as long as I can remember (I...more

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Finding Your Voice (Confidence, Public Speaking):

Highly effective 12 week course to overcome speaking nerves.

  • Do your struggle with any kind of public speaking or avoid situations where you are required to speak at a meeting or in a group?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, blushing, stuttering when put under pressure to speak in a group?
  • Do you want to make more of a noise in the world?
  • Are you constantly being told to speak up?

The Finding Your Voice Group is specifically designed for reserved and talented people who struggle with being heard in the world - whether that's speaking up in front of group, or in day to day intereaction with other people i.e. bosses, colleagues, family members, friends or new acquaintances.

It is the only course of its kind that works to disoolve the psycholgical symptoms that cause so much stress.

The course is different from many other public speaking and presentation courses in that it does not throw you up on a platform and teach you a series of techniques that you will quickly forget. Instead it builds your confidence from the inside through a series of powerful and transformational exercises that are designed to free you of inhibitions. This is something you will never forget.

It also addressses many other aspects of communication, and where you may feel blocked in your communication or inhibited in your self-expression.

It is also the first port of call for those who are overwhelmed with the whole experience of speaking to an audience - particularly if they've had negative experiences in the past.

It is based on Claire Schrader's experiences of being an introvert and what really worked in helping her express herself powerfully in the world.

You will learn:

  • Breathing and vocal techniques
  • How to present yourself confidently in an authentic way
  • How to speak from the heart without a script
  • How to develop stage presence and make a powerful impact
  • How to be more spontaneous and get free of your inner critic
  • How to make a lot of noise and release emotional tension
  • What you are communicating though your body that may be contradicting your words and how to communicate a more congruent message

There will also be an opportunity to work on an area of difficulty, to receive feedback from others and breakthrough any blocks, so you can claim your full power and magnificence.

At the end of the group it is likely you will find any kind of public speaking relatively easy and even enjoyable. Many people report that they do these events after the group without even thinking about it, and then are surprised to remember what they used to be like.

There is also opportunities to participate in other courses, after you have completed this course, which will develop other skills to further build your ocnfidence and overall success

Additional entry requirements

No previous experience needed

Training for employers

This course has been specifically designed for companies training their employees.

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Start Date: Wed 18th September 2019
MAY 2019
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat


London, NW1 1BN, Camden, NW1 0ND


5:30pm - 7:30pm, 7:45pm - 9:45pm


12 weeks


Part time evening


Certificate of Attendance



From: £330

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Absolutely Worth It...
5 5
by tania - April 2018

Having tried multiple variations of therapy, most of which came at a very high price, I found Claire, the course and the group, one of the most effective ways to help manage my anxiety. I find myself now, much more confident in trusting my instinct and knowing what to say...It's been 20 years of dealing with a common thread of negative self talk so thank you Claire, for helping me shift something that once seemed impossible.

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The best thing I’ve done for myself.
5 5
by Ben - May 2019

I’ve suffered from social anxiety and shyness since as long as I can remember (I’m now 39). I’m very self conscious and will do anything to avoid speaking in groups and speaking up. I’ve had one introductory session with Claire and I feel different, I’ve been buzzing since I left the class and I’m so glad I went (although I did walk past the door once and considered leaving it for another time) I’m now booked on another course, I’m nervous, but excited for what comes next. This is the best thing I’ve done for myself. Thank you Claire for providing a great environment.

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Life changing
5 5
by Jazmine - April 2019

After being to the brake though plus course a few years ago, I was a little apprehensive about coming back but from the moment it started I feel very happy to be back, it is sometimes very isolating feeling you are the only one who has trouble opening up and feeling confident, but in this very safe environment you instantly feel bravery that you thought had gone as everyone is in the same boat. I left the course feeling closer to everyone and more confidence with getting closer to people generally. I woke up a little foggier than normal but I have already raised my standard in my personal life just overnight and I’m hopeful this continues & I’m also feeling more relaxed and very much in tune with the universe and can’t wait to see the beauty in letting life happen just as it is meant to. It’s a very powerful course and has helped me get out of my head and into my heart once again. Thanks to everyone on the day and to Claire for this life changing workshop.

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