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Informing and detailed, but only in text and a bit outdated.

The first thing I want to portray is that this course is very informing and deta...more

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Financial Intelligence for Wealth Building Diploma Course: Online course:

The Financial Intelligence for Wealth Building Diploma Course is designed to help anyone who needs a clearer understanding of how to not only manage their finances better but how to develop wealth.

The course takes a methodical approach; providing information about finances and money, the aim of which is to help students to take control of their finances, instruct on various methods of money management, remove the limitations we put on our own minds about how we think about money, and teach how to build wealth through multiple income streams and considered investments.

Who Would Benefit from the Course?

The course is relevant to anyone, despite their current earnings or financial situation. You could want help making your way out of debt, learn how to stop living payslip-to-payslip and build up an emergency fund or you could have already built up wealth but want to ensure you keep it and start getting your money to work for you, rather than the other way around. Whether you're at one of these extremes or somewhere in-between, this course will help you to learn about the nature of money and how to build up wealth.

While this course has been created to provide information that will give students a better understanding of finances and money, it is advisable to visit a financial advisor should your situation require urgent attention.

What You'll Learn from the Financial Intelligence for Wealth Building Diploma Course

Money Management and Debt Reduction
Learning about Money
The Monthly Payment Trap
Using Credit Wisely
How to get out of Debt
The Basics of Budgeting
Importance of Financial Intelligence
Laws of Financial Freedom
The Process of Financial Freedom
Your Personal Balance Sheet & Financial Statement
Financial Audit and Creating Your Wealth Map
Gaining Control of the Expense Column
Credit Rating and Understanding Your Credit Report
The Money Paradigm Shift
Psychology of Wealth Creation
Advancing Towards a 5 Year Goal
Increasing Your Streams of Income
Passive Income and Active Income
Analysing Opportunities to Build Your Asset Column
Understanding & Building Wealth through Real Estate
Understanding & Building Wealth through Automated Businesses
Understanding & Building Wealth through Paper Asset
Understanding & Building Wealth through Intellectual Property
Understanding & Building Wealth through Network Marketing
Understanding Real Estate Investment Trusts REITs
Wealth & Pensions

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Informing and detailed, but only in text and a bit outdated.
3 5
October 2017

The first thing I want to portray is that this course is very informing and detailed. The information is professional and practice oriented. It it paired with some useful exercises. The diploma comes with CPD credits. However what disappointed me a lot was the way in which the information is given. It is only via text. So in essence you pay money for a online book which you cannot even download. The next disappointing thing is that the course uses some outdated science which has been disproven. Namely the eye accessing cues. The movements of the eyes are not correlated with memory or construction of a lie.

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Perfect for My CPD!
5 5
by Liz - October 2017

As a Teaching Assistant in a primary school where we have a number of children who are on The Spectrum, this course and the ABA Therapy course have both been amazing for my Continuous Personal Development. I don't think I've ever studied anything that has had such an immediate and profound effect on my work life before. Getting a distinction in both of these courses has really impressed our Headmistress and Governers too which is a bonus! Plus Kate and Steph have been brilliantly supportive (not to mention patient LOL) throughout the entire process.

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