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Eye opening course!

Recognising difficult people is a very powerful tool in both the private and pro...more

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Express Yourself Introductory Confidence Building Evening:

Confidence is one of the most important qualities you need to succeed in life. People are naturally attracted to confident people and even more so to those who exude a magic and a passion for life.

In this introductory evening you will be discovering the keys to an authentic confidence based on Claire Schrader's experiences of being a shy introvert and what really worked in getting her out of her shell so she could achieve things in her personal and professional life she never would have thought possible.

This session is designed for people like Claire who find the spotlight hard, or who would described themselves as quiet, reserved, shy or self conscious. The evening provides a very safe place for you to gently stretch out of your comfort zone with people who feel in the same boat as you.

Claire creates an informal, relaxed, non- judgmental atmosphere that will quickly put you at your ease, and free you of the internal pressures that normally inhibit you from expressing yourself.

You will work with drama because this is the most effective way of achieving this but this is a very different from the kind of drama that you might experience at a drama class. It has been carefully adapted and combined with some of the most effective personal development tools that if you go onto join Claire's confidence courses will enable you to make a profound shift in the way you express yourself in your life.

You will also have an opportunity to release some of the blocks to your confidence and discover how to exude the kind of magic and passion for life that automatically draws positive experiences to you.

Many people, even after this short introductory evening, experience many significant benefits.

The evening will also serve as an introduction if you should participate in the Making Moves confidence buildings classes and courses. Many people go on afterwards to join either:

  • The Breakthrough Confidence Course
  • The Finding Your Voice Speaking with Confidence Course or
  • The "I Don't Know What to Say" Improvisation Course for self confidence.

All of these courses are aimed at beginners and have worked for the hundreds of people with confidence issues, many of whom have been struggling to make changes for many years and report the group quicker and more effective than any other approaches they have tried.

Additional entry requirements

There are no entry requirements other than a willingness to

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Start Date: Thu 03rd May 2018


London, NW1 1BN, Camden, NW1 0ND


7:30pm - 9:30pm, Buy a voucher - arrange start date later


2 hours


Part time evening


No Qualification



Class size:

Max size:12

From: £15

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Brilliant course
5 5
by A - January 2018

This course really helped with my social anxiety, and although a bit uncomfortable doing things I wouldn't normally do at first, by the end I was really enjoying myself. I have now signed up to a 12 week course.

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Making moves (introductory Evening)
4 5
by Paul - January 2018

The two hour taster session was well worth attending and I found it to be extremely useful in itself for improving my confidence and allowing me to be more self expressive and uninhibited. It also really demonstrated to me how the method works and just how safe and encouraging the group made me feel. It definitely left me feeling confident and made me want to consider one of the longer more in depth programmes.

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Eye opening course!
5 5
by Caroline - March 2018

Recognising difficult people is a very powerful tool in both the private and professional environments. This course helped me to recognise them easily and taught me how to deal with them in an effective manner. The course uses drama to put you in real life situations and is also a lot of fun!

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This course is a real eye-opener and energy-shifter!
5 5
by Anna - January 2018

I signed up for “Dealing with Difficult People” because I was confronted with a challenging situation in my personal life. I felt attacked, blamed and accused without any reason. I felt these people just did not listen to me or understand me and whatever I would do, they would keep blaming me. All my attempts to communicate in a peaceful way failed. Claire’s course was really eye-opening. I learned so much about myself and my relation to people in all areas of my personal and professional life. It’s incredibly helpful to know what type of difficult person you’re dealing with and what really drives them, and what you can do to change your behaviour, which will in turn change theirs. I walked out of this course feeling empowered and much more confident. This is not something you can learn by reading a book: Claire’s wonderful way of working with the body, the group, the energy, as well as her intuition, clarity and creativity make this course so great. Even though I never had my ‘practiced’ conversation in real life, the work in the course really shifted something and my attitude towards the situation changed. I don’t feel I’m the victim of these difficult people anymore. Thank you Claire and all the participants.

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