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Ethernet fundamentals:

This online course introduces the principles of operation of Ethernet local area networks and the role and characteristics of their functional components.
This course is aimed at those responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of Ethernet local area networks.

Local area networks (LANs) connect together computers and ancillary devices such as printers that are located in the same building or campus. The predominant protocols employed in these LANs are those in the Ethernet suite of standards as devised by the IEEE.
This course introduces the principles, benefits, components and operation of an Ethernet LAN with reference to the role and capabilities of Ethernet hubs and switches. The topology, components and capabilities of various types of Ethernet LANs are described from 10BASE-T to 10GBASE-LR.

This course also describes the role and operation of the "self-learning" facility of an Ethernet switch and the concept and advantages of virtual LANs

This online course includes assessments, the results of which are summarised in a certificate published at course completion.

Additional entry requirements

A basic understanding of digital signals is assumed. It is recommended that the PTT course "Analogue and Digital signals" is studied as preparation for this course.

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More info on price: £138 per year. Single user annual licence

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