Effective business writing

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Effective business writing:

This Effective Writing e-learning course from ContentETC gives you the essential tools to get your ideas across more clearly – no matter what you have to write.

We’ll take you step-by-step through POWER© writing, the proven method that we’ve used successfully to help thousands of professional writers on our in-company courses. You’ll learn how to plan your message and craft your sentences in the clearest and most compelling language, with a few useful and practical checks on grammar and punctuation along the way. And our interactive exercises throughout the course mean you can put your new skills into practice instantly.

By the end of this 4-part course you will have all the core skills you need to produce writing that does the job you want it to do... Every time. Both print and online writing skills are covered throughout the course and you have the invaluable option of getting one-to-one feedback on your actual writing from our expert tutor.

You will learn:

  • How to plan and target your writing
  • The importance of thinking before you write
  • The POWER method of writing
  • How readers read whether on a screen or on paper, and why that matters to you
  • Why you need to get information in the right order
  • Which types of sentences work best
  • How to make punctuation work for you
  • The most common grammatical mistakes and how to avoid them
  • The value of plain English: why it’s good to be concise
  • How to choose the best words for your ideas
  • How long should a paragraph be?
  • Why you need to think about how your document looks
  • How to avoid the mistakes that make you look foolish

...and much more.

Interactive exercises and quizzes

This course is packed with interactive exercises that put you in the writer’s chair so you can practice what you learn as soon as you learn it. Know your punctuation? Answer the questions correctly and you can skip the theory. Or you can review particular pieces of punctuation – it’s up to you. Check your understanding with quizzes based on common documents such as customer service letters, proposals and emails.

Top tips and checklists

Handy tips and checklists at key stages of the course. These cover vital topics including:

  • If you’re having trouble planning, try jotting down notes by hand
  • Watch out for overloaded sentences
  • Don’t overuse the exclamation point
  • Be wary of words of over 4 syllables
  • White space is a great tool so use it to make your copy easy to read

* Feedback from the trainer

Our expert trainers are here to provide you with invaluable one-to-one feedback on your progress. Email your work and the trainer will supply you with individual guidance, comments and practical suggestions. Then, once you've improved your work, the trainer will appraise your revised content and provide a second set of constructive comments. This unique feedback really brings your e-learning to life and makes sure you have truly grasped - and applied - all of the key principles.

Additional entry requirements

Ideal for anyone who needs to communicate in writing; whether you want to improve the quality of your emails, write better reports, winning proposals, copy for a website, minutes for your local group... Ideal companion to our Top 20 grammar mistakes and how to fix them and Proofreading e-learning courses, if you need more of the basics. Once you've done the Effective writing course, you might also want to go further into Writing for the web, Feature writing for digital or print media or Blogging.

Course reference: WSEW019 (use this when contacting provider)

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