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EasyType Typing Tutor: Develop your skills on the keyboard with this fun and simple way of learning to touch type in no time at all. In a world where being computer-literate is almost compulsory, any extra skills to help you shine above the career competition are a must, and excellent keyboard skills are extremely valuable in many lines of work. Whatever industry you work in, in whatever role – from secretarial and admin to supervisory and managerial roles – keyboard skills are essential if you wish to get your job done quickly, accurately and professionally. With this course, not only will you see your typing speed noticeably increase, but your typing accuracy will improve, too. Sign up to this course and you will be able to make real improvements in three areas – the QWERTY keyboard, the Numeric Keypad and Single Case letters. Master these three key skill areas and you will be able to demonstrate your keyboard abilities with pride. Work through the three units and you will substantially increase your productivity, with expected results of in excess of 5000 key depressions per hour (kdph), once the 30 hours of QWERTY training is complete. A sought after skill bound to impress any employer!

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