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Course description

Digital Photography Diploma Course: Online course:

This comprehensive course will teach you everything that you need to know about Digital Photography and taking a good selfie! The course is aimed at beginners and takes you right through to Diploma level. Up on completion of the course assessment you will receive your Digital Photography Diploma Certificate.

Course Contents:

Module 1: Equipment

  • How Digital Cameras Work
  • Which Camera is Right For You
  • What Equipment Do You Need
  • Choosing The Right Lenses
  • Accessories and Essentials
  • +Equipment Tips

Module 2: ISO

  • The Origins of ISO
  • How ISO Works
  • Using The Correct ISO Settings
  • How ISO Effects Exposure Settings
  • Fixing Problems Created by High ISO Settings
  • +ISO Tips

Module 3: Aperture

  • What is Aperture?
  • Depth of Field Summary
  • How Focal Length Effects Aperture
  • How Aperture Effects Composition
  • +Aperture Tips

Module 4: Shutter Speed

  • Introduction to Shutter Speed
  • Capturing Action
  • Motion Blur and Camera Shake
  • Using Shutter Speed Creatively
  • +Shutter Speed Tips

Module 5: Correct Exposure

  • The Exposure Triangle
  • Achieving The Correct Exposure
  • Viewfinder vs. Live View
  • Exposure Bracketing
  • HDR Photography
  • +Exposure Tips

Module 6: White Balance

  • White Balance Explained
  • White Balance Icons
  • Colour Temperature
  • Creative Use of White Balance
  • + White Balance Tips

Module 7: Depth of Field

  • Depth of Field Explained
  • Focal Length and Aperture Range
  • Depth of Field and Focusing
  • Creative Depth of Field
  • Accessories and Essentials
  • + Depth of Field Tips

Module 8: RAW

  • Introduction to RAW
  • RAW vs. JPEG
  • Adjusting and Processing RAW Files
  • Retouching Images
  • Creative Adjustments
  • +RAW Tips

Module 9: Light

  • Understanding Light
  • Natural Light
  • The Magic Hour
  • Artificial Light
  • Shadows and Highlights
  • +Light Tips

Module 10: Composition

  • The Origins of Composition
  • The Rule of Thirds
  • Cropping
  • Symmetrical Composition
  • The Golden Spiral
  • + Composition Tips

Module 11: Landscape

  • Ansel Adams
  • Preparing For Landscape Shoots
  • Composing Landscapes
  • Other Types of Landscape
  • +Landscape Tips

Module 12: Macro

  • Introduction to Macro
  • Macro Equipment
  • Macro Lighting
  • Macro Techniques
  • + Macro Tips

Module 13: Portraits

  • Introduction to Portrait Photography
  • Locations
  • Shooting Angles
  • Candid Portraits
  • Using Props
  • Creative Portraits
  • + Portrait Photography Tips

Module 14: Children & Babies

  • Photographing Children
  • Photographing Babies
  • Parents and Children
  • Using Props
  • Serious Photographs
  • +Children and Baby Photography Tips

Module 15: Water

  • Why Photograph Water?
  • Reflections
  • Photographing Ice
  • Subjects and Water
  • Underwater Photography
  • +Water Photography Tips

Module 16: Night

  • Introduction to Night Photography
  • Using Slow Shutter Speeds
  • Using Fast Shutter Speeds
  • Fireworks

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by Joyce - August 2017

I have always wanted to attend a gardening course but was not able to find the time to take a day of work to attend and evening courses means having to rush to get there after work. I was so please when I came across the Centre of Excellence who were offering online courses which allowed me to do it in my own time . I have not yet started the course but I am so looking forward to start . It was also very easy to book and pay online as well. Staff support is also available

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