Cup Cake Academy Level 2 Diploma

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Cup Cake Academy Level 2 Diploma: Master the art of cupcake baking and decorating with this Cup Cake Academy course. Delicious, practical and beautiful, the course is a complete introduction to baking cakes and even setting up a business to sell them. This course is an ideal training choice for: Hobbyist bakers wanting to learn new skills and expand their knowledge, Experienced cupcake bakers and decorators looking for a certification to prove their skills, Bakers interested in learning how to set up a cupcake making business. Students who complete the Cupcake Academy training course will learn the fundamentals of baking, along with key techniques and technologies for improving the standard of their cakes. From how to choose the right supplied and equipment, to costing and budgeting for batches of cakes, participants will also learn about the principles of running a successful cupcake baking business. By the end of the course participants will have learned all the skills required to bake and decorate beautiful cupcakes, and how to build a business around them. The Cupcake Academy course consists of 20 in-depth modules which students complete at their own pace using the online course materials. Each module is accompanied by practical examples and tests that students can complete in their own kitchens, while interactive courseware, quizzes and videos are used to demonstrate key learning points. End of module tests allow students to check their own progress and ensure they have grasped each learning objective before moving on. The Cupcake Academy course also provides students with access to the online learning and networking platform. From here they can complete coursework, or discuss topics and recipes with their fellow students using the supplied social tools. This is a great way to learn even more about the fine art of cupcake baking and improve skills beyond the limits of the course.

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