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Cake Making Business Diploma Course: Online course:

How to Build a Successful Cake Making Business from Home

What is the most preferred birthday gift for a colleague, friend or family member? What marks the completion of a wedding or anniversary ceremonies? What is the favourite dessert of millions of children'’ not only children but adults as well? What steals the show at parties and ceremonies with its magnificent decorations and taste? All these questions have one common answer'’ Cakes.

Owing to the increasing popularity of bakery programmes on tv and its widespread usage in almost every celebration and festivity, running a cake business has become a popular, rewarding and sought after career choice.

The beauty of a Cake Making Business is that it can be started with minimal investment and on multiple scales. The success of this thriving trade lies in the fact that anybody with a keen interest in baking and creative culinary skills can start it even from home.

Start your own business. After successfully completing our Cake Making Business Diploma Course, you will be sufficiently qualified to start and run your own business creating and selling a range of magnificent cakes.

Course Syllabus:

1. Introduction to starting a cake making business
Steps to Start a Cake making Business
Who is Cake making Suitable for?
Becoming a good confectioner

2. Prerequisites to Start a Cake Making Business
Finding your Niche
Cupcakes, Wedding Cakes, Birthday and Celebration Cakes
Machinery and Equipment
Chillers and Freezers
Bakery Racks
Cake Pans
Baking Sheets
Pie Pans
Cake Moulds
Dough Dividers
Dough Sheeters
Egg Mixers
Three tier cake stands
Multifunctional Cupcake Making Machines
Tips on choosing right kitchen equipment for your cake baking business
Rules and Regulations
Food Safety Certification
Food Standards Agency
Food Hygiene Regulations
Bakery Insurance
Licenses and Permits
Food Standards
Guidelines on Food Standards for a Cake Making Business
Food Hygiene

3. Getting Started
Ingredients in Cake Baking
Sourcing Baking Ingredients
Storing baking Ingredients
Importance of Packaging in Cake Business
Cardboard packaging in cake business
Modified Atmosphere Packaging in cake business
Vacuum packaging in cake business
Gas Packaging in cake business
Packaging and transporting tier cakes
Cake Decoration
Decoration Equipments
Decoration Ingredients
Get Baking
Getting started with baking
Basic Tips on Baking

4. Cake Recipes
Basic Recipes
Basic sponge cake
Chocolate cake
Vanilla cake
Advanced Recipes
Wedding Cake
Birthday Cake
Christmas Cake
Decorating your Cake
Monster Skullette Toppers
Royal Icing Flowers
Chocolate Basket
Monkey Cupcake Toppers
Wavy Fondant Overlay on the Cake
Cup Cakes
Theme Cakes

5. Pricing
Dependency on Utilities and Ingredients
Dependency on Time and Human Resources
Dependency on Location
Dependency on Competition

6. Spreading your Cake Business
Marketing Strategies
Setting up a Website
Types of Websites
Tips on selling cakes through websites
Gaining More Customers
Various Ways to Generate Lead in Cake Business
Using Social Media
Power of Social Media
Social Media Channels
Social Media Best Practices

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by Joyce - August 2017

I have always wanted to attend a gardening course but was not able to find the time to take a day of work to attend and evening courses means having to rush to get there after work. I was so please when I came across the Centre of Excellence who were offering online courses which allowed me to do it in my own time . I have not yet started the course but I am so looking forward to start . It was also very easy to book and pay online as well. Staff support is also available

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