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CV & Interview Skills: Find out the inside secrets of top recruiters with our best-selling course that arms you with all you need to know to make the job hunting (and getting!) process as easy and painless as possible from the moment you start planning your CV through to sailing through interviews. As we all know, no matter what field you’re in, the job market is ultra-competitive these days and just one tiny slip-up on your CV or misguided answer to an interview question could be all that separates you from another candidate when it comes to getting that sought-after job. The recruitment process is never easy but by signing up to this great treble package, you can at least take back control of being the best you possibly can be when it comes to polishing up your CV and knowing the insider techniques to sell yourself calmly, confidently and appropriately in interview situations. This online course is delivered in three easy-to-digest videos that you can access online wherever and whenever you want over the 6-month period you’re signed up for. This means you can study intensively before you embark on a big job hunt or return to aspects of the package when you need to tweak your CV or prepare for that big interview. CV and Interview Skills covers the three main job-winning skills you need to perfect your CV, nail that interview and ultimately get that job offer! The package includes a 175 CV Secrets training video with 4 time and sanity-saving CV and covering letter templates. You’ll also get access to the 207 Interview Skills and 135 Interview Answers videos that leave no stone unturned when it comes to exploring every conceivable challenge that could be thrown at you in an interview situation and coming up with a solution for it.

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