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CCNA & CCNA Security Bundle: Build and secure a cutting edge network using Cisco technologies and the CCNA Security bundle. Designed for network managers and engineers responsible for implementing network security for small and medium businesses, this course teaches the fundamentals of IP technology implementations, before showing delegates how to boost security. With its focus on network security, this course is best suited to: Network managers who want to improve their understanding of security protocols and provisions, Network engineers tasked with implementing and configuring security provisions, Engineers working with Cisco equipment who want to formalise their training and obtain a vendor-approved qualification, IT professionals who want to cross-train into a network security role. The CCNA Security bundle is the best way for the administrators of Cisco networks to learn how to design, implement and manage a secure network they work towards the gold standard CCNA certification. After covering networking fundamentals, engineers will move onto learning the techniques required to secure Cisco hardware and networks. From router lockdown to Access Control Lists (ACLs), through to IOS Firewall setup, students will learn how to protect data and network resources from intruders.

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