CACHE Endorsed - Nutrition in the Early Years

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CACHE Endorsed - Nutrition in the Early Years: Give yourself some food for thought with this interesting course that introduces students to the importance of good, healthy nutrition within any early years learning environment or setting. A healthy diet can help every child to get off to a good start, from a filling breakfast in the morning to healthy, balanced snacks during breaktimes at school. As an early years practitioner, it’s up to you to be a good role model, and to encourage the children in your care to make better choices, to ensure long life, good health, and maximum achievement of potential. By signing up to this course, you will learn about what food groups make up a healthy, balanced diet and will also explore portion sizes and their importance. While many families enjoy a well-balanced, nutritious diet, others don’t, and while you can’t control what happens outside of your setting, you can encourage eating well while they are in your care. You will also explore some of the government-backed healthy eating initiatives that are enforced today, which can help every child enjoy a healthy start.

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