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Build a Company-Wide Digital Mindset with DOT NATIVE:

What is Dot Native?

Dot Native is a bitesize learning platform with content covering digital marketing and digital business. The content is designed to boost digital awareness across your entire organisation and give your team the skills they need to build digital confidence.

Who is Dot Native for?

Dot Native is a bitesize learning platform that teaches the basics of digital marketing and digital business to global organizations. The platform is suitable for your entire organization, as it is designed to create a baseline level of digital awareness for employees across all business functions.

The platform helps develop a digital mindset with foundational modules in digital business and digital marketing.

What's in the digital marketing foundation modules?

Dot Native covers the essentials of digital marketing and digital business for anyone across an organisation.

Marketing Foundation

This foundation module introduces your team to the principles of brand.

Content Marketing
Help your team build content that is relevant and valuable to your consumer with this foundation module.

Social Media
Your team will learn how to use social media in the most effective way for your business.

Introduce your team to mobile marketing and explore how this emerging channel sits within the current market.

Measurement & Analytics
Explore the processes that move us from data through to analytics and insight.

Search Engine Marketing

This foundation module will help your team to use search engine marketing effectively.

Your team will be introduced to how programmatic trading works, including the different transaction types.

Your team will learn which buying and selling systems can best reach target audiences whilst decreasing costs and increasing profitability.

Your team will learn strategies to approach engagement with a clearer view of how, why and who to engage.

Digital Eco-system
Your team will learn how to recognise and solve integration issues and create an integrated marketing strategy.

What are the features of Dot Native?

Bitesize learning on Dot Native is more than just short video clips; variation and interactivity are key to delivering a successful online learning platform. Dot Native includes:

  • Tutor led videos with animation
  • Animated explainers
  • Industry case studies
  • Drag and drop activities
  • Forum interactions
  • Research & opinion polls
  • Interactive prioritisation tasks
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Reflection tasks

What can be customised on Dot Native?

Dot Native is a bitesize learning platform designed to digitally upskill your entire organisation. The platform can be customised to suit the training needs of your business.

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Avado Make it Hard Work
2 5
by Kirsty - March 2019

I am close to finishing my course through Avado having started in October 2017. Positive Comments: I cannot fault their sign up process, the sales team are super helpful to get you on a course and get your money! Answered all my questions and were really helpful. I also genuinely cannot fault my tutor, his tutor videos are detailed and clear, I do a lot of own time learning so rarely am in time with the class or watch videos live, but if I email him he responds within around a day, he provides me any material I need and has helped confirm things for me. The knowledge checks are helpful, there are very few example/ practise questions in the book so having this online check, to be used alongside AAT practise questions, is great. Negative Comments: Although the tutor is helpful, actually rarely needed. So if I could go back again knowing this, I wouldn't need to pay tons for a course with a tutor, I'd just buy books and look online & at AAT forums. I completed level 3 with Osbourne books and actually I cannot fault them, I changed because people told me level 4 was such a step up I would struggle without a tutor, I disagree. There are errors everywhere, and I mean everywhere. The books are super hard at times because they say something such as "Emily has bank interest income of £7,900", and then as they start their example workings, the figure of £8,400 is used, £7,900 to be found no where other than the question. You sit for 10 minutes trying to genuinely work out if you are totally missing something, or Avado are just incapable of double checking before they print. Errors are common in knowledge checks, "Answer to 2 decimal places" so I'd type 3.27 and then I get a question wrong and when I check their answer they have put "3.274" - So I knew I was doing well despite my 60% knowledge check results, but I had to go through all answers to confirm that it was Avado being ridiculous and not myself. I have emailed my tutor and Avado each time I spot an error, thinking ok someone can now know exactly where to look and quickly update it. I have gone back to find errors I reported, still errors. The other thing is that the books can be very hard to follow, say you have a management accounts example, with a cost card which is the basis for all questions for the next chapter, the cost card will be printed once on page 24, and then all examples and questions relate to this 1 cost card. You get to page 50 and it's still referring to this cost card which is pages and pages back so you are flicking through trying to find the original, they don't just print it again so you can clearly see where figures are coming from. I have passed all exams to date with pass rates of 82%+, so I am obviously getting it with Avado, I just think they have actually made it hard work and if anyone asked me I would not recommend them. If you have the money to spend then find a better more reliable company or do a college course. Otherwise AAT & books will get you through.

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Very confusing
2 5
by Jordan - June 2018

I started this course barbecue i wanted classes that i could watch as im pretty poor at reading. at first this was good but the layout started to change classes where not in the right order, named correctly and in some lay outs just flat out didn't make scenes. i.e. week 5 "name" Week 2 " name" Week 5 "Differant Name" Week 4 "name" this got me very confused and this never really changed. i found it harder and harder to get through the weeks plan because i couldn't find the classes, after i did i was fine. but fining the classes was plain stupid. if you just plan on reading the books they send you and nothing else sure but if not dont bother. the tests they send you are easy to guess the answers and the boxes can only fit the correct answer in so your not learning your just putting the only number that can fit in. finally as just a point to the company. check up on your learners to see how things are going and if they need assistance or anything, i have called at least 5 times because of the issues above and am now falling quite far behind. this isnt a must but could help with success rates and stop people like myself from just wanting to quite and go somewhere else to try again. if i get through this course i will not be coming back.

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